Why It's Critical To Visit Your Gynecologist For Annual Pelvic Exams

Finding a doctor that you feel comfortable with and who can give you proper medical care is crucial when having a baby. Click here for more information.

Why It's Critical To Visit Your Gynecologist For Annual Pelvic Exams

Why It's Critical To Visit Your Gynecologist For Annual Pelvic Exams

4 December 2020
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Reproductive health complications are one of the most common illnesses that women encounter. While some of the problems are minor, others can spread fast and cause the patient a lot of pain if allowed to aggravate. The best way to avoid developing reproductive health complications is by getting annual pelvic exams from a gynecologist.

Many women prefer to have their general physician perform this test on them. While many physicians are competent and will diagnose and treat any problem correctly, it is advisable to have a specialist for the exam. Here are three reasons for visiting a gynecologist for your annual pelvic exams.

They Will Address Any Current Concerns

Female reproductive health is complex. Sometimes you think a symptom is part of your body functions and processes, and it ends up being a cause for alarm. At other times, what you believe signals serious problems might not be a reason to panic. But you cannot know the difference between the two unless you describe your symptoms to a gynecologist so they can make a diagnosis. 

Some of the common causes for concern include heavy periods, excruciating cramps, excessive hair growth, missing periods, and other issues that signal hormonal imbalance. The combination of symptoms will help the reproductive health professional decide the best course of treatment for you.

They Help You Make Fertility Plans

If you just got married and are planning to have children, there is no better way to prepare for the journey than establishing a stable relationship with a gynecologist. Similarly, if you just became sexually active or want to avoid getting pregnant, the gynecologist will offer guidance on the best birth control measures to adopt.

Your fertility treatments can only start after you have undergone the necessary tests and the specialist has ascertained that you are healthy and receptive enough to the treatment. They will also guide you through the pregnancy and will be present to help you when giving birth. Women that have an experienced gynecologist throughout their pregnancy usually get better outcomes than those who do not.

They Help You Manage Menopause

Menopause is one of the most challenging transitions in a woman's reproductive health cycle. The production of the reproductive hormone reduces, and the body starts eliciting reactions such as nausea, night sweats, irritability, dryness of the vagina, and other uncomfortable symptoms. However, it will be easy to manage these symptoms with the help of a competent reproductive health expert.

As a woman, your reproductive health matters a lot. So choose a trusted and competent gynecologist for annual pelvic exams and to also help you manage all other reproductive health concerns.

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