4 Tips For Preventing Yeast Infections

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4 Tips For Preventing Yeast Infections

4 Tips For Preventing Yeast Infections

12 February 2016
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Yeast infections are a common gynecological problem that affect many women at some point in their lives. While vaginal yeast infections are not dangerous, they can be very uncomfortable and few women want to deal with the symptoms that a yeast infection brings. If you find yourself dealing with chronic yeast infections, use the following tips to help prevent the infections from occurring:

Wear Cotton Underwear

Yeast infections thrive in damp, warm places, so if you get yeast infections often it is in your best interest to wear cotton underwear instead of underwear made of synthetic materials. This is because cotton is a breathable fabric that allows for airflow and can prevent favorable conditions for yeast to replicate out of control. In addition to wearing cotton underwear, it is also a good idea to avoid wearing tight jeans or leggings, as these garments can trap heat and create conditions that are perfect for yeast to live in.

Avoid Douching or Using Scented Soaps

The vagina has a very delicate balance of bacteria and yeast, but using vaginal douches or soaps with added fragrance can disrupt the balance and lead to yeast multiplying too fast and becoming a full yeast infection. In general vaginal douching is usually not recommended, and it is a good idea to use gentle fragrance-free soap when washing your genitals.

Stay Dry

Moisture is essential for yeast to grow and replicate, so if you want to prevent pesky yeast infections it is important to keep your genitals as dry as possible. When you get out of the shower, make sure you dry the area thoroughly before putting on underwear or clothing. It is also in your best interest to change out of a damp swimsuit as soon as possible after swimming, and avoid wearing sweaty workout clothes too long after you finish exercising. 

Talk to Your Gynecologist About your Birth Control

Some women seem to be more prone to yeast infections at certain times in their monthly cycle, making it possible that yeast infections may be affected by hormone levels. If you suspect that your chronic yeast infections are related to hormone levels, speak with your gynecologist about the birth control pills that you take. There are many different types of birth control pills on the market, and some pills use different types of hormones to prevent pregnancy. Making a change in the birth control pills that you take could possibly help prevent reoccurring yeast infections. Contact a doctor, such as Rawtani Meera MD, for more information. 

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